Outdoor Kitchen

3 Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2023

The last few years has seen a newfound appreciation for entertaining in our gardens and outdoor spaces, and with it the popularity of outdoor kitchens has surged as people search for increasingly creative ways to bring the indoors out. With the spring season not far away, we take a look at some of the top outdoor kitchen trends we expect to see this year.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Living Spaces

With the growing trend of hosting family and friends at home, it is no surprise that our gardens are now required to be fully functional living spaces, with areas to relax, cook, entertain and dine. Outdoor kitchens are at the heart of this lifestyle, providing an all-in-one solution for any would-be chef. Specialist appliances such as pizza ovens, gas grills and ceramic charcoal barbecues create a wealth of exciting cooking options, while extras such as sinks and outdoor-rated fridges reduce the need to go indoors whilst cooking and ensures that the chef is always part of the party.

It’s common for outdoor kitchens to be accompanied by a generous outdoor dining table – perfect for socialising whilst cooking and providing ambiance for the guests as they hear the sizzle from the grill and catch delicious smells on the breeze. To keep the party going into the night, there is a growing trend of incorporating an outdoor bar or cocktail station in an outdoor kitchen design, offering a great way to get the creative juices going when making cocktails.

Tailored Outdoor Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen is personal to every client, from the size and layout to the choice of worktop and appliances. There is higher demand than ever for a bespoke outdoor kitchen design, as people move away from an ‘off the shelf’ pre-designed outdoor kitchen layouts and opt for a design which has been tailored to their personal taste. A tailored outdoor kitchen can be anything from just one unit for a pizza oven to a fully bespoke design featuring a range of appliances for different cooking styles and cuisines.

As people become more adventurous and move away from the traditional garden barbecue, an outdoor kitchen presents the exciting opportunity to experience one of the many specialist outdoor kitchen appliances ranging from a teppanyaki grill or pizza oven to a Big Green Egg.

Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

Sustainable outdoor kitchen Design

In December we looked at the top garden trends for 2023, gathering the opinions of some of the UK’s leading Garden Designers who all agreed that sustainability and future-proofing will play a huge role in our gardens in 2023.

Sustainability and the lifespan of an outdoor kitchen is an important consideration when researching different styles. Depending on the provider, outdoor kitchens come in a range of materials such as brick, steel, concrete or with a timber finish such as teak or oak. At Gaze Burvill, all our outdoor kitchens are finished with prime quality oak. As a natural material, oak outdoor kitchen designs are more in keeping with the outdoor aesthetic. Unlike alternative outdoor kitchen styles such as brick or concrete, oak provides a sustainable and long-term solution that is not only practical and beautiful but also matches the aesthetic of our outdoor furniture. While other timbers such as teak or iroko might offer a similar look and feel to oak, much of the timber is harvested and shipped from Asia, creating a huge carbon footprint.

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