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Garden Furniture Ideas for Terraces

Your passion for verdant, layered and dense planting may have reduced your garden terrace to the most bijou imaginable, or you might have prioritised this important socialising space so guests and friends can flow from area to area, as they might through the rooms of a house – in truth, the terrace can take many forms and be used in myriad ways, in town or country.

The best garden terrace ideas can turn your space into an outdoor living room, dining area, kitchen or bar – or a combination of all of them – with outdoor furniture choices to accommodate family and friends.

By choosing sculptural, craftsman-made pieces, you get the added bonus that they are lovely to look at when viewed from inside the house.


An outdoor table that everyone can gather around

Love to entertain family and friends? If space on your terrace allows, creating a place where everyone can gather to enjoy alfresco dining is a must. A grand outdoor dining arrangement such as our Broadwalk Oval Table is perfect for such an occasion and can be combined with Broadwalk Seats and Benches for a versatile dining experience.

A compact space needn’t stop you from investing in garden furniture. Levity is a flexible outdoor dining collection designed with urban courtyards and balconies in mind. It is just as suited to an intimate dining space for two as it is a larger lunch gathering.

If the terrace is quite small, you might need it to multi-task, so then it is important to find adaptable furniture that will work for comfortable contemplation, but switch to accommodate dinner al fresco when required. A seat that will provide seating at the lunch table could be the answer here, or super comfortable May Thrones, with a dining table moved to centre stage as needed works too. Several of the Gaze Burvill dining tables, like the Mead Table, or the round Bailey Table, are available in a ‘Low’ table height, for those who enjoy a ‘Harry’s Bar’ style club lunch, where the dining style is relaxing back into a comfy armchair, rather than sitting up at a standard lunch table. Just add a Bellini!

Relaxing in an outdoor living space

Speaking of cocktails, the terrace furniture isn’t just for meals of course – drinks and conversation matter too – Gaze Burvill has designed the ‘Splash Lounge’ collection, including the new ‘Curved Splash Lounge’, specifically with this in mind. Luxurious, relaxed and supremely elegant, the mood is set for convivial gathering.

Over the last few years we have embraced the idea of gathering together outside – and in almost any kind of weather. Our outdoor spaces are often used as an extension of our homes, making a garden terrace the perfect place for us to socialise, work and entertain. These areas can be thought about as you would an indoor living room, decorating with items such as outdoor sofas and coffee tables.


For the sun worshippers

The pleasure of soaking up the summer warmth on a sun lounger is a great way to enjoy the best of the warmer months. A moveable, adaptable sunlounger is essential, and the Lizard Lounger is a contemporary craftsman-made design, which, like its double-sized partner, the King Lizard, is exquisitely comfortable – share with a friend, or just sprawl out with your holiday reading list and a choice of sunhats.

Create shelter with a parasol

Speaking of sunshine, it’s always a good idea to have the option of providing a shaded spot on the terrace too, for a bit of respite from the rays. The right garden parasol could be the finishing touch for your terrace, whether it’s a cantilever parasol, perfect for freeing up floor space, or a centre post post parasol typically used for outdoor dining arrangements or alongside sun loungers.

A parasol isn’t just handy for warmer days, it will keep the dewy chill away as the conversation carries on into the early hours.


Outdoor kitchen ideas for the garden terrace

The evolution of our outdoor space has seen us move beyond a portable barbecue when it comes to cooking in our gardens, with outdoor kitchens fast becoming a priority element of garden design and renovation. You are no longer limited to just a barbecue, with specialty appliances such as pizza ovens, hob burners, ceramic smokers and teppanyaki grills providing limitless possibilities in the cuisine you can create in your garden.

When planning an outdoor kitchen, it is a good idea to tie in the furniture choices at the same process, so it is all in harmony – and be sure to remember to factor in preparation space, as well as the appliances you will need.

Opting for an outdoor kitchen with bar seating is a popular design choice. It will put family and friends at a comfortable height for conversation and whet the appetite while the chef is at work, and allow them to sit conveniently near the cooking area while still being safely separate from the work zone.

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