Our Values and Purpose

At the beginning of 2021 we introduced the Gaze Burvill Operating System and our revised values: RISE – Response Ability, Innovation, Sustainability, Excellence. These values have since been embedded in all aspects of our business, ensuring all our customers receive the highest level of service.


Response Ability

Our first value is Response Ability, which demonstrates our Ability to Respond and is derived from the equation: E + R = O

In this equation:

E stands for Event and in this context we mean ‘a happening that we have no control over’.
R stands for our Response to the Event and in other words means ‘how we respond both in words and deeds, including inaction’ to this Event.
O stands for the Outcome

Every day we are challenged by Events, however, we often lose sight that although we can’t change the Event, we can still change the Outcome by changing our Response to it. A ‘Bad’ Response to an Event will most likely lead to a Bad Outcome even if the Event was potentially good. Likewise, a ‘Good’ Response can lead to Good Outcome even if the Event was bad.

What is important in this, is that how we respond is not only governed by the Event but also how we are feeling in ourselves at the time it occurs. Even if sometimes we don’t recognise it until in hindsight, we all know that if we are not feeling good either physically or mentally (we’re tired, weak, etc) we will not be as likely to give a ‘Good’ response.

This value recognises the importance of being ‘fit’ to Respond, both ourselves and our Companions and it is particularly important for Coaches to recognise this and support their team with this in mind. Things that are important to achieving this are taking stock of where we are, celebrating our achievements and enjoying what we do.


Our second value is Innovation

Innovation is essential for both the company and each of us as individuals, to develop. Through innovation we can give a sense of wonder to our customers and achieve results which, at first, might not seem possible. This involves trial and error and therefore taking risks and being prepared to see errors and learn from them. It not only requires time and curiosity but also context and some discipline to keep us on track with the company’s goals.




Our third value is Sustainability

Sustainability is at our heart and is embedded in every aspect of our business and our actions. We acknowledge that everything we do has both an economic and environmental cost and we work hard together to better understand these two costs and reduce them both. Sustainability is both about economic success (as if we do not achieve this we will go out of business) and being conscious of reducing our environmental impact by increasing longevity, reducing waste and consuming less energy and materials.


Our fourth value is Excellence

Excellence is what our reputation as a company has been built on and it is a natural outcome of our three preceding values. From the quality of our customer interactions to products and services we provide we work to improve by being open to feedback and ready to learn from each other.

Together our four values spell RISE and, when we apply them, we literally ‘rise’ not only as individuals but also, importantly, as a Company of Companions.


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