Outdoor Kitchen Styles

Linear Outdoor Kitchen Gaze Burvill

Vertical and Linear Outdoor kitchens

Quite simply the best outdoor kitchen we’ve ever created, our precision built units set the benchmark as the ultimate in outdoor cooking. Available in two styles; linear, featuring stunning lines and great in contemporary settings or vertical, with classic tactile lines perfect for terraces or poolsides.

Key Features

  • Both linear and vertical style modules have the same dimensions and internal sizing
  • Linear and vertical styles both made from solid, aged oak with honeycomb aluminium for strength and lightness. Finishes are available, get in touch with us to learn more.
  • The width of our cabinets can be customised in order to fit the dimensions of your outdoor space.
  • A la Carte Mobile comes in the vertical style as standard.
  • We specify Dekton man-made stone worktops for their suitability to the outdoor environment.

Finding the right Outdoor furniture for your outdoor kitchen style

With our homes taking centre stage and a recalibration of our relationship with nature, our outdoor spaces are being given more attention than ever before. Viewed as an extension of our interiors, our desire for a great outdoor space has evolved way beyond a portable barbecue and fold away garden furniture and instead these are now required to be fully functional living spaces. With areas to relax, cook, entertain and dine, we can create distinct ‘rooms’ to give a natural indoor-outdoor flow.

When it comes to outdoor dining furniture, consider the usage – do you favour small parties, or more formal lunches for large groups?

If you only occasionally cater for large groups then a Mead Outdoor Dining Table arrangement might be the answer. This is a table essentially rectangular, with curved ends, but Gaze Burvill makes a special connecting piece, so if you have two small size tables, say seating six or eight each, then you can when required connect the two tables together to make one long table.

If you prefer something round, our Bailey Outdoor Dining Tables offer a range of different sizes, always with a central, very strong pedestal, so no-one will have to battle with annoyingly positioned table legs to get comfortable. Likewise, our Broadwalk Oval Outdoor Dining Table can be just as suited to dinner for six as it is for a dinner party of fourteen.



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