Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Ovens


Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Ovens

Nothing brings people together like the pleasure of cooking pizza outdoors, hearing the cracking of the fire wood and catching delicious smells on the wafting breeze that will whet the appetites, and encourage excited anticipation for the culinary delights that await.

Perfect for families and food lovers, there are many reasons to choose a pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor cooking is always a social event and huge fun where everyone gets to join in with stretching their dough and picking their favourite toppings before sliding it into the pizza oven. The fun doesn’t stop there either, outdoor pizza ovens such as the DeliVita Wood Fired Oven can be used for more than just pizza, with a world of flavours to discover including roasting, grilling, baking and smoking.

How does an outdoor pizza oven work?

You may have witnessed the theatre of a pizza oven in action at your local pizzeria or whilst enjoying your travels in Italy and wondered how an outdoor pizza oven works.

Typically, an outdoor pizza oven uses three types of heat to cook:

  • Direct heat from the flames
  • Radiated heat coming down from the dome, which is at its best when the fire has been given time to burn for a while
  • Convected heat, which comes up from the floor and from the ambient air

Once you have lit the fire in the centre of the oven you must allow it time to heat up both the hearth of the oven and the inner dome. The heat generated by the fire is absorbed by the oven and that heat is then radiated or convected, to allow food to cook. When the pizza oven is up to temperature, the burning wood can simply be pushed to one side and then the fun of cooking can begin!


Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Delivita Outdoor Pizza Oven

Handmade in Yorkshire, the DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven is a stylish and simple addition to your outdoor kitchen. Weighing just 30kg, it’s extremely versatile and can be placed on any of our Dekton outdoor kitchen worktops.

Inspired by Italian roots, the Delivita Wood Fired Pizza Oven is crafted using traditional materials and features a refractory stone base delivering an authentic Neapolitan flavour from the comfort of your garden. Once fired up it’s ready to cook in just 25 minutes, reaching temperatures of 550 degrees to bring a slice of Italy in just 90 seconds.

Orchard Ovens Outdoor Pizza Oven

Orchard Ovens are a Lancashire based supplier of artisan wood fired pizza ovens. Benefitting from the knowledge and experience of generations of Italian craftspeople, their pizza ovens deliver an authentic and mouth watering taste of the Mediterranean.

Custom built using a combination of brick construction and Valoriani pizza ovens, their pizza ovens are a unique, eye-catching addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Gaze Burvill Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen

Gas Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Kalamazoo Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven is a convenient gas cooking alternative to the traditional wood fired pizza oven. Made using 304 grade stainless steel and featuring two burners for precise and easy temperature control, the Kalamazoo pizza oven opens up a world of possibilities in the world of outdoor cooking. Like the Delivita pizza oven, it can be placed on countertops, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Requiring minimal setup, the Kalamazoo simply requires a gas connection before you can begin cooking. Gas bottles can be conveniently placed inside our oak outdoor kitchen cabinets.


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