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Simon Burvill

Founder and Chief Executive

Tell us about what you do

I work with the brilliant team here to come up with exciting ways to transform the best material in the world – Oak (with some English Ash too) – into wonderful and lasting designs which will give lasting pleasure to their owners.

I am most proud of…

Demonstrating the importance of nature and the magnificent process of turning air into wood over decades in a way that tells a story which we are all a part of. It never fails to interest people and put our lives into perspective. Humble and amazing at the same time.

My most prized possession is…

My father’s Windsor Chair, he sat in it at our kitchen table every day and I know the feel of it, the small knots and dents, with my eyes closed. When I sit in it I feel a direct connection with him and beyond to the maker who made it probably 100 years ago.

Caroline Burvill

Communications Director

Tell us about what you do

I help keep the brand on brand: in print, in advertising, in words and in our hearts and minds.


Connecting with wonderful people who love the outdoor space, value noble natural materials and recognise fine craftsmanship.

One thing on my bucket list is…

To explore more of the world, sketchbook at the ready.

Frances Hatton-Brown

Head of Sales

Tell us about what you do

I’m Head of Sales which is a great and varied role working closely with Marketing, Design and Production. My team and I are responsible for nurturing relationships with our customers and helping them to find the right furniture for their outdoor space.

My favourite part of the job is…

I love the variety and especially meeting clients face to face, inspiring them to turn their dreams and ambitions for their outdoor spaces into a tangible reality. I enjoy building strong and trusting relationships with our Trade partners.

One thing on my bucket list is…

Going to India. It would need to be at least 2 trips as there is so much to experience!

Andy London

Sales Consultant

Tell us about what you do

I work in sales, my role is to help our customers select the best and most practical kitchen layout or furniture for the space they have available.


No two projects are the same, so there is always something different to consider with each one.

My most prized possession is…

It’s not a singular possession, but my fishing equipment collectively.

Charlie Dedman

Head of Design

Tell us about what you do

I head up the Design and R&D team; creating visually beautiful furniture which is provides comfort with minimal impact to the natural world.


Variation and the people. I love how design covers so many aspects of our company – from signage at an event, 3D scanning a tree for a bespoke seat to pricing a new design for our collection. Most of which involve working with talented people in house and externally.

One thing on my bucket list is…

Walk the 630 mile South West Coast Path (Salt Path) – booked sabbatical for April 2024!

Mark Wimbleton

Production Manager

Darrell Walsh

Aftercare Manager

Ryan Page

Mobile Service Craftman

Alexander Messenger-Laney

Mobile Aftercare Assistant

Sioux Mingaye

Administrative Assistant

Tell us about what you do…

I am the Customer Service Manager – my role is focussed on creating a happy Gaze Burvill Community for our customers and partners.


The work that we do to keep our customers happy.

I am most proud of…

Helping to build up the customer service role within the company and heightening our level of customer service.

Joe Orchard

R&D Champion

Dane Thomas

Furniture Designer

Tell us about what you do

My job is to create design ideas and solutions – all with the aim of achieving excellence.


Seeing our design concepts come to fruition.

My most prized possession is…

My Eames LCW!

Charles Haydon

Junior CAD Technician

Huzaifah Guffar

CAD Designer (Placement)

Klara Dublin

Marketing Manager

Jack Jacobs

Digital Marketing Executive

Tell us about what you do

I am the digital marketing executive, so my job is to manage the online marketing channels like the website, as well as working on customer communications and thinking about the customer journey and their experience when they interact with us online.

My favourite part of the job is…

I love the variety that my job offers, no two days are the same, which allows me to work across lots of different projects that require different skills and learn new things.

One thing on my bucket list is…

To do more travelling – top of the list would probably be a backpacking trip around South America.

Sam Ellis

Marketing Placement Student

Will Howard

Logistics Champion & Driver and Installer


I co-ordinate the furniture deliveries and the outdoor kitchen installations.

mY Favourite pART oF tHE job Is…

Visiting different and beautiful locations, but most importantly seeing customers dogs. They always make a delivery more enjoyable.

My most prized possession is…

My blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu

Stephen Stanbridge

Driver & Installer


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