Felled Tree


The company was founded in 1992 with a vision to design and make beautiful and comfortable pieces of outdoor furniture with a great value placed on the sustainability of production.

We continue to devote great efforts to ensure we are selecting not only the best timber for use outdoors but also sourcing it from sustainable forests we have visited ourselves. The company co-founder, Christian Gaze, regularly personally checks our timber at source before it travels to us.

Equal in importance is our desire to continue the long and successful traditions of British woodwork and craftsmanship. We design and manufacture all our timber products at our facility in Hampshire which supports a team of over 30 people. From apprentices through to master craftsmen, we place a high value on both personal development and incorporating the latest advancements in technology in our work.


The provenance of our Oak is very important to us. We take a strong stance on being a sustainable business, making decisions which place a high value on being sustainable wherever it is practical.

The choice of Oak as our timber is deliberate. We know exactly where all our timber comes from and can trace back the exact forests the timber originated from for each piece of furniture we create.

Oak is naturally durable, containing tannin which acts as a natural preservative providing the timber with a great resistance from bacteria and the issues it can cause.

Finally, it is a timber which lends itself gracefully to being bent using steam, as well as being wonderful to machine. A steam bent piece of Oak retains incredible strength along the grain allowing us to conceive magnificent designs. This would not be possible when using a piece of timber which has been carved into a curve.

We select and use the prime grade of Oak. This is the top quality type of Oak available. We then use the very best cut of the prime Oak, quarter sawn.

Sawing oak and other timbers from Kew at Helmdon Sawmill


Good design and true originality are at the heart of what we do. We work very hard to make sure that our furniture not only performs well, with a particular attention to comfort but also looks and feels good. In 1992 Christian Gaze conceived this approach with the original Court Seat design and as we draw on other creative influences to broaden our work we never waiver from these principles.

All our furniture is designed around comfort. It’s a core value to our business and one we take seriously. If a piece looks good, but it doesn’t meet our exacting comfort check criteria, it doesn’t go into production.

We have an in-house design team that blends generational talent of the Design Guild Mark winning, Charles Dedman with our technical and quality experts who have decades of knowledge in designing for the outdoors. Design is our strength and we are committed to providing our customers with solutions to their outdoor living requirements.


We are proud to say not only are our pieces made in Britain but also we are pioneering the use of state-of-the-art technology in our furniture production, whilst maintaining a craftsman’s hand finish on every piece.

With decades of experience, Gaze Burvill’s workshop thrives on the talented work of our craftsmen. Over the years many have trained with us and without them, we would not be able to create such unique, innovative designs. We actively support their development in traditional and modern carpentry and furniture manufacturer.

Each of our pieces is stamped with a unique serial code linking back to the very person who assembled and finished it. This is the craftsman’s mark of pride and a Gaze Burvill stamp of the highest quality.


Consideration for the environment was one of Gaze Burvill’s founding values. We are unwilling to use resources which are not regenerated at a sufficient rate to halt the erosion of the world’s rainforests. However, we remain determined not to compromise on the quality and durability of our output.

We strive to keep waste to a minimum. Our sawdust is compacted on site into pellets which fuel our biomass boiler, which in turn heats our office and factory. Pieces of timber not suitable for furniture are repurposed into both our exhibitions and events as well as our series of planters.

In 2018, as part of our 25th celebration of business, we are releasing a series of signature gifts made from our previously rejected material. These small items carry the Gaze Burvill mark of quality in design, are still made from the finest Oak and contribute to reducing our waste, and ultimately, our carbon footprint.

“The environment is something that is very important to me. It is really one of the founding values of the company and a reason I started the business. I've visited many of the forests our Oak comes from to see for myself how our raw materials are grown. We know exactly where all our timber comes from and how it is looked after.”