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Our Ethos

Gaze Burvill is governed by a set of core values embedded throughout the company which were decided at our inception and have remained with us ever since.  These include sustainability in all aspects of our business and ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service. Each piece of Gaze Burvill outdoor furniture, and our outdoor kitchens, as well as being built for lasting performance outdoors, has been designed with a focus on beautiful, sophisticated design to give lasting pleasure through the years – as well as being practical and, for the seats, extremely comfortable.

Our talented team of designers and craftsmen strive to ensure we’ve solved the challenges of building for the outdoors, from experience gained over 30 years, with elegant practical solutions and beautifully subtle detail.

We design and manufacture everything at our base in Hampshire which supports a team of over 30 people. We place a high value on personal development, from apprentices through to master craftsmen, and are proud to include the latest advances in technology in our work. Equal in importance is our desire to continue and develop the long and successful traditions of British craftsmanship.

Choosing our oak

Oak, our primary wood, and Chestnut, which we have chosen for the Wisley Woodland Seat, are both naturally durable and impermeable. They are also greatly valued by craftsmen as being lovely to work, and, unlike tropical hardwoods, can be steam-bent, to give graceful, strong curves which contribute to comfort as well as to the aesthetics.

Gaze Burvill has developed a unique expertise in using these beautiful woods for a life outside, where it will adapt to the caprices of the climate, and gently silver with time. Because our Oak is quartersawn, the silvered grain of a weathered oak seat will catch the light in a most lovely way, to delight its owner for years to come.

We only select timber of the correct species, grade and cut to minimise waste and to give maximum longevity and sourcing it from expertly managed and regenerated forests, that posses accredited third party certification to ensure claims are made legitimately, such as PEFC, FSC and GiB.





Expert In-House Design

Good design and true originality are at the heart of what we do. We work very hard to make sure that our outdoor furniture not only performs well, with a particular attention to comfort but also looks and feels good. In 1992 Christian Gaze conceived this approach with the original Court Seat design and as we draw on other creative influences to broaden our work we never waiver from these principles.

All our outdoor furniture is designed around comfort. It’s a core value to our business and one we take seriously. If a piece looks good, but it doesn’t meet our exacting comfort check criteria, it doesn’t go into production.

We have an in-house design team that blends generational talent of the Design Guild Mark winning, Charles Dedman with our technical and quality experts who have decades of knowledge in designing for the outdoors. Design is our strength and we are committed to providing our customers with solutions to their outdoor living requirements.

Gaze Burvill Logo on Chair

Made in Britain

We are proud to say not only is our outdoor furniture made in Britain but also we are pioneering the use of state-of-the-art technology in our outdoor furniture production, whilst maintaining a craftsman’s hand finish on every piece.

With decades of experience, Gaze Burvill’s workshop thrives on the talented work of our craftsmen. Over the years many have trained with us and without them, we would not be able to create such unique, innovative designs. We actively support their development in traditional and modern carpentry and furniture manufacturing.

Each of our pieces is stamped with a unique serial code linking back to the very person who assembled and finished it. This is the craftsman’s mark of pride and a Gaze Burvill stamp of the highest quality.

Our Sustainability

Consideration for the environment remains one of Gaze Burvill’s founding values. We are unwilling to use resources which are not regenerated at a sufficient rate to halt the erosion of the world’s rainforests. However, we remain determined not to compromise on the quality and durability of our output, believing that the best counter to the throw-away society is to offer really well-made pieces that will last, and never go out of style.

Our Hampshire base is a beacon of environmentally-friendly practice! We have solar panels to help power the entire site, and a couple of cottages too, and we strive to keep waste to a minimum. Even our sawdust is compacted on site into pellets which fuel our biomass boiler.

“The environment is something that is very important to me. It is really one of the founding values of the company and a reason I started the business.



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