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Custom Outdoor Furniture Inspiration

As the sunny days and warm evenings approach, now is the perfect time to think about refreshing your garden. When it comes to your outdoor space, finding the right outdoor furniture can prove to be a challenge.

Rather than shoehorning an ‘off the shelf’ piece into your garden, choosing custom outdoor furniture means you get exactly what you want and allows you to make the most of your outdoor space, whether you are looking to create a peaceful daytime retreat, a social al fresco dining space or an indulgent lounge area.

To get you inspired, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite custom outdoor furniture pieces.


Hand Carving

Adding a hand carving to your outdoor furniture can be a unique way to give it a personal touch. The beauty of a hand carved finish is that it can be used to create your own cherished piece no matter the occasion, whether it is dedicated to a loved one, an inspirational quote, a passage from a poem or even a joke.

Hand carving can be added to many of our furniture collections, from our classic benches and chairs to tree seats, as seen here on this Broadwalk Straight Seat.

Creating Unique Shapes

Being both ‘Designers’ and ‘Makers’ allows us to understand the importance of a good fit, nothing exemplifies this better than our Broadwalk collection (seen right). The unique and customisable nature of the Broadwalk collection allows us to create layouts that work with the natural flow of a garden, making it entirely normal to sit in a garden not merely to eat or to sunbathe, but for the pure pleasure of being outside.


Custom Sizes

Designing and making outdoor furniture for over 25 years means we have acquired unique hands-on experience and knowledge for all exterior spaces, allowing us to customise dimensions and detailing according to the requirements of a particular outdoor space.

Our talented team of designers strive to ensure we’ve solved the challenges of building for the outdoors and are committed to helping you realise your vision for your garden. The perfect example of this is the custom Reedback Tree Seat seen left. Thanks to our in-house design team who during the course of the project undertook several site visits, we were able to design a seat with a custom internal diameter of 2.1 metres, a requirement for the site due to the fact that the listed tree had to have 90cm between the tree and the back of the seat.

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