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Best Pizza Ovens for Outdoor Kitchens

With more people transforming their gardens into a more functional space, many are turning to outdoor kitchens with exciting appliances such as pizza ovens to provide an opportunity to cook in the garden all year round. Not only creating delicious and authentic food but also providing a fun and entertaining experience for guests.

Outdoor Kitchen with pizza oven and sink

Why should I get an outdoor pizza oven in my outdoor kitchen?

Have you ever longed to make your own authentic artisan pizza? Thanks to the high temperatures reached inside an outdoor pizza oven you could cook yourself one of these in just 60 seconds! An outdoor pizza oven produces pizza full of character with a smoky and unique flavour leaving you and your guests always wanting more. Making your garden the perfect place to entertain family and friends. After all, everyone loves pizza!

Can you cook other things in an outdoor pizza oven?

If you are investing in an outdoor pizza oven make sure to make the most of it. Outdoor pizza ovens are a versatile cooking appliance not just restricted to making pizza. Have fun experimenting with the flames to cook new and tasty recipes. Anything from slow cooked meats to freshly baked bread loaves. You can be as adventurous as you like and there are plenty of inspiring recipes to find online.


Gas vs wood fired outdoor pizza oven

If your dream is to create authentic pizza where the smoky burning wood is an addition to the flavour of the food, a wood fired outdoor pizza oven is the choice for you. These pizza ovens can be ready to cook in just 25 minutes, reaching internal temperatures of 550 degrees to cook a pizza in just 90 seconds for an authentic experience. The Delivita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is the one such option when specifying your outdoor kitchen appliances. The Delivita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is simple yet stylish in design, creating mouth-watering pizzas and an engaging cooking experience.

If you are looking for a convenient and easy to operate alternative to a wood fired pizza oven, then consider including a gas fired pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen design. Gas fired pizza ovens such as those from Kalamazoo take just 30 minutes to heat up and minutes to cook. The Kalamazoo gas fired pizza oven is made using 304 grade stainless steel and features two burners for precise and easy temperature control to produce the highest quality pizza.

Both of these outdoor pizza ovens are available to add to any Gaze Burvill Outdoor Kitchen.

Can outdoor pizza ovens be used all year round?

Although typically associated with the summer months, outdoor pizza ovens are in fact designed for use all year round and are a great excuse to fire up the oven and enjoy a sizzling pizza on a chilly winter’s evening.

With internal temperatures capable of reaching as high as 800 degrees, an outdoor pizza oven can be used to heat a small outdoor space during these biting winter months. Cooking on your outdoor pizza oven is not just restricted to summer, in the colder months it may take longer to heat up, however once heated the pizza oven should cook as normal, producing a delicious crisp finish. As well as pizza, during the winter you can also make a variety of family favourites, including home-made bread, a comforting lasagna or a hearty stew along with many other tasty meals. You could even try roasting chestnuts in the outdoor pizza oven to get you and your guests in the Christmas spirit. Turning long dark winter days into a fun and enjoyable adventure for family and friends.

Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and grill

Where should I put my pizza oven in my outdoor kitchen?

Thanks to their lightweight materials and design, most pizza ovens can be easily placed atop the Dekton worktops found on our outdoor kitchens. Our in-house design team can also assist you in choosing the best spot to place your outdoor pizza oven.

L-shaped outdoor kitchen

With this outdoor kitchen layout the Kalamazoo pizza oven is carefully placed in the corner of the L shaped kitchen. With plenty of space either side of the oven to prepare the pizza and place the pizza once it is cooked. The sink is also in easy reach to wash any vegetables prior to making the pizza or to wash up in ease at the end.

Straight Run Outdoor Kitchen

With this straight run outdoor kitchen layout, there is again plenty of space surrounding the Delivita pizza oven to prepare your pizza comfortably. There is also an adjacent worktop with an outdoor bar stool for you and your guests to enjoy your home-made pizza when it is fresh out of the oven. When choosing a Delivita outdoor pizza oven with your outdoor kitchen wel provides all the necessary equipment for the outdoor pizza oven so that it’s ready to go when you get it. In this example there is also a proofing tray directly beneath the pizza oven to store the fresh dough and ensure the dough is kept fresh.


Parallel outdoor kitchen

This beautifully designed parallel outdoor kitchen places both the Kalamazoo outdoor pizza oven and the Sub-Zero Wolf Grill next to each other. Opposite there is a station in which preparation can be made for the cooking and also a place to eat your food separate to where you have been cooking but all in a close proximity.

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