Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens: An Investment In Well-Being


The last few years has seen our lives change irrevocably, in 2020 our lifestyle, habits and priorities have been shaken up, reordered and been given new values.

With our homes taking centre stage and a recalibration of our relationship with nature, our gardens are being given more attention than ever before. Viewed as an extension of our interiors, our desire for a great outdoor space has evolved way beyond a portable barbecue and fold away garden furniture and instead these are now required to be fully functional living spaces. With areas to relax, cook, entertain and dine, we can create distinct ‘rooms’ to give a natural indoor-outdoor flow.

Central to this movement to spend more time outside at home is the outdoor kitchen, and these are fast becoming a priority element of a garden design and renovation. Whether it be a small cooking area or a much larger run of units with an island, just like designing an indoor kitchen, whatever works for you and your lifestyle is your unique requirement.

At Gaze Burvill we offer a full design service and can work collaboratively with your garden designer or interior designer for a perfect union of kitchen and garden design.


Our Luxury Outdoor Kitchen collection is a series of modular units that can be arranged to create the perfect space for you, ensuring that aesthetics and functionality come together to allow you to cook food to professional standards.

Speciality appliances such as pizza ovens, hob burners, ceramic smokers and teppanyaki grills mean that you are no longer limited in the cuisine you can create in your outdoor kitchen. In fact, with outdoor rated fridges, warming drawers and plenty of storage space, your outdoor kitchen can be equally well equipped as your indoor one – if not with even more cooking options!

Outdoor kitchen with sink, pizza oven and grill
Outdoor kitchen with big green egg and grill


With a new found appreciation for our natural world, the provenance of our food is a well versed topic. No longer is ‘grow your own’ just for the gardening fanatics, gardens across the land have been dug over for herbs, vegetables and salads. Surrounding an outdoor kitchen with edible planting gives you the very freshest ingredients at just an arms length from your grill, a beautifully simple luxury in itself.

Whether poolside, on a terrace just outside the house or a dedicated area further down the garden, an outdoor kitchen will elevate your outdoor living space. Becoming much more than just a place to sit and eat, but a place to live and transform your well-being.

To find out more about our Luxury A la Carte Outdoor Kitchens and download a brochure.

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