How Outdoor Furniture is Made: Reinforced Halving Joints

One of the things that we have learnt over the years is that to make long lasting luxury outdoor furniture such as ours, it’s not just a question of choosing the best quality of timber and even the best cut of that prime oak, it is also down to the design and craftsmanship instilled in each piece, right down to the methods of construction and jointing.

Whenever two pieces of wood which cross over each other at right angles need to be jointed, the ‘go to’ joint is the halving joint. The problem with these joints is they can let in water and allow movement and further weakening over time.  In contrast, by introducing a double shoulder at each of the corners of this joint, you end up with a much stronger and durable joint which will stand the test of time.

In the video below, Simon Burvill, Founder of Gaze Burvill demonstrates the reinforced halving joint, one that is used widely on our furniture and in particular on the underframes of our Bailey Round Outdoor Dining Table.

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