Terms and Conditions

The Gaze Burvill online shop is a place where a collection of our popular and classic outdoor furniture pieces can be bought. Some of the pieces you purchase may not be in-stock and will therefore have variable lead times depending on the season, this is outlined on the product page. All orders placed are subject to the acceptance by the Purchaser of these Standard Terms and Conditions which may only be varied by mutual written agreement.

  1. A contract is created between you and us when you place the order for your goods by clicking on the confirm order button at the end of the checkout process and complete your payment process
  2. Prices quoted are with VAT included where applicable.
  3. Delivery charges will be shown as a separate item on checkout and if not shown then the price quoted will be Ex Works.
  4. Lead Times for our work are typically 4-8 weeks, however in exceptional circumstances this may be longer. We will be in touch to provide you with an accurate lead time once we have received your online order.
  5. Delivery time and slot will be confirmed after completion of sale by a member of our sales team who will contact the buyer directly.
  6. The principal reasons that would lead to a non-acceptance of an order include: The goods ordered are unavailable from stock, authorisation for your payment was declined.
  7. Items can be reserved in the checkout for a maximum of 1 hour whereby they will be available for public sale thereafter.
  8. Deliveries to the UK incur our standard delivery cost outlined on the checkout page.
  9. At this time we cannot sell outside of the UK via our eCommerce store. For further help about this place contact our sales team.
  10. Full payment is required for any item purchased online.
  11. If the purchaser is unable to take delivery within 1 month of being notified that the product is ready for installation or despatch then the balance of the sales price will become payable one month after such notification and the purchaser will subsequently incur storage charges at Gaze Burvill Limited’s standard storage rate tariff of £100 per week plus VAT.
  12. If there is any other failure on the purchaser’s part which prevents the delivery within 12 months of the order being placed the balance of the sales price will become due.
  13. ‘Made to order’ items with finishes, engraving, fixtures and additional features, where required, should be advised at the point of sale and will be confirmed on the order confirmation.
  14. All products supplied remain the property of Gaze Burvill Limited until payment has been received in full. The purchaser grants to Gaze Burvill Limited its employees and agents an irrevocable licence to enter any premises where the goods are stored, installed or believed to be, for the purposes of retaking possession of the product(s).
  15. In the event of payment not being received by the due date for ‘made to order’ items, interest may be charged at the Bank of England base rate +8% from the due date on any outstanding balance until the payment is made in full.
  16. Samples of material that may affect the performance of Oak used in the production of the furniture or kitchens should be provided for testing. Gaze Burvill Limited will not be held responsible for any staining, discolouration if materials are not provided beforehand for testing.
  17. It is the client’s responsibility to prepare the site for installation in accordance with the recommendations of Gaze Burvill Limited Should the site not be prepared as specified and as a result of this additional work is required by Gaze Burvill Limited or the installation is delayed, then Gaze Burvill Limited will charge for any additional labour at the standard labour rate, mileage and materials required. Gaze Burvill Limited will advise on site preparation but will not be responsible for any work conducted by a third party in this regard.
  18. In the event that the site has not been prepared in accordance with the Gaze Burvill Limited specification, and in the opinion of a Gaze Burvill Limited employee is unsuitable for installation of the product(s), Gaze Burvill Limited reserves the right to charge £750 for an abortive site visit.
  19. Mileage where applicable will be charged at 45p per mile. Labour and travelling time will be charged at the standard labour rate of £80.00 per hour plus VAT per operative including travelling time where applicable.
  20. On the installation of certain products additional labour may need to be provided by the client and this will be indicated at confirmation of order.
  21. Gaze Burvill Limited will not be responsible for any damage caused by any person other than in its employ and will not be responsible for injury sustained by any third party.
  22. Gaze Burvill Limited is committed to the promotion of health and safety and proper regard for the environment in respect of all its activities. In circumstances where Gaze Burvill Limited issues health and safety data sheets for commissions, the purchaser shall be responsible for ensuring that its employees, contractors and users read and observe the instructions and recommendations in them.
  23. On receipt of the client’s signed Design Approval Drawing and Deposit for ‘made to order’ items, best endeavours will be made to ensure the delivery of the products within the specified timeframe. Gaze Burvill Limited cannot be held responsible for delaying factors outside their control.
  24. In the event of a shipment being received damaged, please sign the delivery paperwork as damaged. If delivery crates are used, under no circumstances discard the crate. Report and damage to the delivery team as soon as possible and before use. Photos of the damaged items and any relevant packaging need to be sent to Gaze Burvill Limited within 24 hours of arrival. Failure to comply with any of the above procedures will invalidate your guarantee.
  25. Where appropriate, Gaze Burvill Limited will supply a maintenance schedule. Gaze Burvill Limited will not be responsible for any failures which in Gaze Burvill Limited’s opinion results from untimely or poor maintenance. Such untimely or poor maintenance will invalidate the warranty.
  26. We warrant our oak furniture, ‘A la Carte’ cabinetry and the stainless steel frames of our Bowline furniture, to the original owner to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 10 years, apart from our Oak Planters, Levity furniture and Woodland Seats, which carry a warranty of 5 years. We warrant all other items including upholstery, parasols, and covers for 12 months from the date of purchase. Appliances for ‘A la Carte’ are subject to their manufacturers’ guarantees. This warranty is for residential use only, is not transferable and is limited to repair or replacement at our sole discretion. Claimed defective items must be returned to us prepaid. We specifically disclaim warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper maintenance, misuse, negligence, accidents, abuse or exposure to extreme climatic conditions. For information regarding all commercial warranties, kindly contact our sales office.
  27. Gaze Burvill Limited will manufacture all products in accordance with their appropriate use and does not accept responsibility for any failure of a product resulting from negligence, vandalism, inappropriate or unreasonable use, incorrect installation or, with respect to large custom and bespoke items and kitchens, the product being moved other than by Gaze Burvill Limited employees or appointed representatives.
  28. Because of the natural nature of our products and the processes employed in their manufacture, there may be minor colour variations between product supplied, samples and illustrations.
  29. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Each of the parties irrevocably submits for all purposes in connection with this agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
  30. Gaze Burvill Limited will not be responsible for natural processes such as weathering, oxidation and staining which may change the colour of materials over time.
  31. The purchaser agrees that anything ordered is for your own personal use and you will not re-sell it.
  32. All Intellectual Property Rights, design rights and the like including drawings, renderings or illustrations shall be and remain property of Gaze Burvill Limited and the purchaser shall not be entitled to or claim, and shall procure that its affiliates, associates, agents and buyers from the purchaser do not claim ownership of any such Intellectual Property Rights. Nothing in this agreement shall give the purchaser, its affiliates, associates, agents or buyers from the purchaser any proprietary interest in the designs which cannot be copied without the consent of Gaze Burvill Limited.
  33. The purchaser agrees that the designs will be used by the purchaser in the form in which are received and, in particular, without addition, adulteration, alteration or contamination of any kind whatsoever. The purchaser further agrees not to alter the visible design of the items in any way or to remove, obliterate or otherwise deface the Gaze Burvill Limited marks appearing thereon.
  34. The purchaser agrees that this agreement cannot be considered as a transfer of design rights, IP rights, branding rights, trademarks or copyright held by Gaze Burvill Limited.
  35. On accepting these terms and conditions, Gaze Burvill Limited have the right to use any images in social media, unless the purchaser has advised otherwise in writing.
  36. Any indemnity or relief from or limit of liability in favour of Gaze Burvill Limited shall extend to and apply for the benefit of their respective directors, employees and authorised agents.


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