Award-winning garden designer Ross Allan, is designing the Gaze Burvill stand on Main Avenue for our 26th consecutive year at the show.  With a beautiful sensory theme throughout, it is set to be a beautiful display and we are excited to see the final result.

New Zealand born and raised, Ross has become known for calm, harmonious, contemporary garden spaces with a strong underlying structure.

Grey coloured porcelain stone tiles form the base colour, with a dark ‘meridian line’ running front to back through the centre of the stand and continuing up the wall in the form of scorched oak framing around the Gaze Burvill banner.

The walls are partitioned with the scorched oak providing the frame to the structural backdrop, which is made up with stacked oak logs running from floor level to top of wall, and alternating with the climbing evergreen Jasmine, or Trachelospermum Jasminoides.  This should be in flower, which will add both visual highlights and a fragrant lift to the display.

The key plants include 8 full standard Acer Campestre trees, punctuated by four large Portuguese laurel dome forms at the entrance, and tall verticals like Angelica gigas, Foeniculum vulgare, Digitalis purpurea, Cenolophium denudatum and Euphorbia ceratocarpa towering above at eye level.

The Gaze Burvill stand is very much about lifestyle, of course, and the therapeutic benefits of extending home living into the outdoors, with, centre stage, the outdoor kitchen. Offsetting the oak cabinetry of Gaze Burvill’s A la Carte display, large antique copper pots, log stacks, herbs in terracotta pots, and ropes of garlic and chilli all create a mood of culinary joy.

A large set of Levity – the new ‘D Table’, married with our original modular Levity tables and ten Levity chairs will create an elegant dining space, with the choice of table top being ‘Lunar’, a new colour from Dekton® by Cosentino as a part of the Industrial Collection – a pale table top to offset the grey porcelain floor.


Plant List

Trees: Acer Campestre (field maple)

Climbing wall: Trachelospermum jasminoides

Poppies: Papaver somniferum

Cow parsley hybrid: Cenolopium dinudatum

White flower: Hesperis matronalis (Sweet Rocket)

Tall lime green with star flower: Cammassia leichtlinii

Tall rust flower: Viburnum sargentii

Small purple flower: Salvia nemarosa caradoni


Blue flower: Cerinthe major

Grass: Luzula

Grey leaf plant: Cynara cardunculus

Roses: Rosa ‘Desdemona’


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