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Gaze Burvill is governed by a set of core values embedded throughout the company which were decided at our inception and have remained with us ever since. These include sustainability in all aspects of our business and ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service.

The oak used in our outdoor kitchens and outdoor furniture  is grown and imported from forests in France so we know exactly where all our timber has come from. We take great care to ensure that all our timber suppliers are PEFC or FSC certified; these are often considered the ‘gold standard’ designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable. They also help to empower our customers to choose sustainably sourced products, rewarding forest owners and incentivising others to become more sustainable.

Oak vs Brick Outdoor Kitchens

Not only do our oak outdoor kitchens look superior to their brick counterparts, with a far richer colour and character, it is also a more sustainable material. One of the benefits of using oak is that it can be re-grown and it’s one of the reasons why using PEFC or FSC certified wood is so important.

You may be surprised to learn that oak is actually a more sustainable material than man-made alternatives such as brick. Trees spend their life absorbing CO2 that is in the atmosphere and releasing oxygen. This CO2 will remain permanently within the tree fibres throughout its life, helping to counteract any emissions made during the felling and building process.

Oak also doesn’t require large amounts of fossil fuels to produce, much industrial reprocessing, or chemical treatments which are harmful to the environment unlike man-made materials such as brick or concrete.

Our oak outdoor kitchens are made in a modular form, meaning that you can move it around your outdoor space as and when you choose, giving you far greater flexibility than a fixed kitchen. Thanks to this design, should you move house and wish to take your outdoor kitchen with you, it is a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Gaze Burvill Outdoor Kitchen
Gaze Burvill Craftsman

Sustainable Design

Good design and longevity go hand in hand. At Gaze Burvill we are determined not to compromise on the quality and durability of our outdoor kitchens, believing that the best counter to the throw-away society is to offer really well-made pieces that will last, and never go out of style.

By focussing on design we are able to create pieces which can be passed down generations – a great way to become more sustainable! Quite often, cheap or lower quality products last no more than a few years, leading to excess waste and pollution and excessive maintenance and repair.



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