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Caring for your outdoor kitchen

Well designed and expertly crafted oak outdoor kitchens should last a generation if well looked after. Oak can be kept outside all year round and is fit for all weathers. As a natural material, exposed to the elements, wood will change in appearance. Weathered Oak will develop a beautiful silver-grey patina, which will highlight the grain patterns unique to Oak, one of many features which makes this beautiful material such a good choice for furniture for outdoors.







Outdoor Kitchen Maintenance Advice

To help keep your outdoor kitchen in the best possible condition, there are some very simple, low maintenance steps you can take:

  • Placement of your outdoor kitchen and outdoor furniture is very important. It should not be in constant contact with grass, soil or other damp ground.
  • Oak is easy to maintain, a regular clean with a stiff brush, warm water and a PH neutral detergent. If the kitchen is placed under cover, we recommend applying an oil treatment – get in touch with us to speak with our specialist team who can advise you on how to do this.
  • At 2-5 years old, depending on its location, the outdoor kitchen oak cabinetry or outdoor furniture should be cleaned and treated with a penetrating oil. It will need a light sanding before the oil is applied.
  • Never clean with a pressure washer as this will damage the furniture.

How to winterise an outdoor kitchen

All of our A la Carte Outdoor Kitchens and equipment are outdoor rated and will withstand the elements throughout the year, however they do require a small amount of maintenance to keep everything in good working condition.

Towards the end of the season there are a few steps you should take to prepare your kitchen for the winter months. By following these measures you will enhance the enjoyment of owning your Outdoor Kitchen as well as extending its longevity.

Water System

Stainless steel sinks should be cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner. Place the cover provided over your sink to keep dirt or debris from collecting in it and leave the plug and drainage holes open but importantly, with the collector basket in place so that if any water gets in it drains away and any debris is prevented from blocking the pipes.

Outdoor Kitchen Gaze Burvill
Gaze Burvill Outdoor Kitchen

To protect the tap and pipework from frost damage, all water will need to be drained from the taps and mains supply before the temperature drops below freezing. The shut off valves should be closed and the hot and cold tap levers should be fully open. The tap aerator should be removed and stored ready for reinstallation in spring. The aerator creates a non splashing stream of water and can be found at the tip of your tap, it can be unscrewed and removed by hand.

If a water heater is fitted, this should also be drained.


All A la Carte kitchen units are lined with special weather resistant composite panels, we recommend these be cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner and non abrasive cloth to prevent the onset of mildew or mould during the damp winter months.


Please refer to the manufacturers guidelines for winterising instructions for appliances. We recommend cleaning all appliances with an antibacterial cleaner and non abrasive cloth. The drip tray on the grill should be emptied and cleaned and we recommend shutting off the gas valves if they are not being used. If the manufacturer has supplied an appliance cover, this should be also used during the winter months.

Outdoor Kitchen Aftercare service

Gaze Burvill furniture is crafted using prime, quarter-sawn, sustainable oak. Sourced from trees which stood for over a hundred years, with proper care, it can retain its beauty and resilience for years to come.

As oak ages, it gradually loses the natural impermeability which protects it from moisture and dirt. Left unmaintained, water and fungi may penetrate through small gaps in the grain, which in the worst cases, can lead to localised rot. Fortunately it is very simple to protect against this through a low maintenance furniture care regime.

Our Aftercare service offers varying options of cleaning, reconditioning and re-oiling, ensuring that your outdoor kitchen stays in great condition year after year. Our Aftercare team is available to answer any questions and offer advice so please get in touch.

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Outdoor Kitchen Sink Gaze Burvill
Outdoor Kitchen Gaze Burvill


All Gaze Burvill outdoor kitchen cabinets come with a 10 year warranty as standard. For any appliances or extras the standard manufacturer warranty applies.

Aftercare Service

Learn more about our aftercare service and how we can keep your outdoor furniture and kitchens looking beautiful

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