Outdoor Kitchen Grills


Outdoor Kitchen Grills

Outdoor BBQs and grills are one of the most popular appliances for our luxury outdoor kitchens. We offer a number of outdoor grilling options, including Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal barbecues and outdoor gas grills from Sub Zero Wolf available in a range of sizes.

Gas BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

The benefit of choosing a gas grill for your outdoor kitchen is that it can be easily lit and is quick to heat which means that you can get cooking without any fuss. Each burner can be controlled independently, making it simple to adjust the heat and maintain an even cooking temperature. It also allows you to vary cooking styles, whether you’re looking to sear your steak or slow roasting a joint of meat.

Some bbq purists may argue that you don’t get a true ‘BBQ’ flavour using a gas powered outdoor grill. While you might not get the charcoal flavoured smoke that many love, with a gas grill the fats and juices that come out of your meat during cooking will fall onto the hot grills and burners, vapourize and turn into smoke which adds a beautiful flavour to your food.

Our outdoor kitchens can be designed to house Sub Zero Wolf gas BBQ grills ranging from 76cm through to 137cm and can be designed to discreetly house 2 gas bottles, ensuring a seamless transition in gas supply when one bottle becomes empty during cooking. We also offer the option of connecting your gas grill to your mains connection.

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