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Large Gaze Burvill Outdoor Kitchen with an island

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Redefine your outdoor space with the finest outdoor cooking experience, bringing the quality of craftsmanship, not to mention equipment, that we expect for a kitchen inside the home to your garden.

From a small BBQ area to a fully bespoke A La Carte outdoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen can be whatever works for you and your lifestyle, no matter how unique your requirement.

Pick from our A la Carte Outdoor Kitchen collection, featuring specialty appliances such as pizza ovens, hob burners, ceramic smokers and teppanyaki grills. Whether a top of the range, outdoor-rated fridge, a warming drawer, or just plenty of good storage space, our in-house design team will work with you to create your bespoke outdoor kitchen, taking you from concept to installation.

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Outdoor Kitchen Styles

Learn more about our two outdoor kitchen styles; linear, featuring stunning lines and great in contemporary settings or vertical, with classic tactile lines perfect for terraces or poolsides.

Outdoor Kitchen Styles

Creating your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Choosing the Right Size for Your Outdoor Kitchen

The first and more important aspect to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen is size. Think about how much space you have available, how the kitchen will function when in use and the layout you prefer the kitchen to have. A well planned outdoor kitchen should have functional zones for food preparation, cooking, and socialising with family, friends and guests. Think also about lighting and sunshine and what the best placement is for the times of day it’s likely to be used.

Gaze Burvill Outdoor Kitchen
Gaze Burvill Small Outdoor Kitchen

Finding your perfect Outdoor Kitchen layout

Just as for an indoor kitchen, space, appliances and storage will often define the layout of the area, while countertop choices, lighting and accessories will form the aesthetic. Unlike indoor kitchens, there is scope to be more creative with the design of your outdoor kitchen, existing garden features such as walls, patios and pergolas can all be incorporated into the design to create a unique flow in your outdoor space.

Common kitchen styles include a parallel run, straight, ‘L’ shape and ‘U’ shape. Each style has its own advantages, while some styles may be more suited to your space than others, our design team will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the one best suited to your requirements.

Designing Your Outdoor Space for Alfresco Dining

When considering the pleasures of alfresco dining it’s important to create an outdoor dining space that is welcoming, comfortable and practical.

Creating a joint space for an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining will not only provide ambiance but also means that the chef is part of the party. Hearing the sizzle from the grill, and catching delicious smells on the wafting breeze will whet the appetites, and encourage excited anticipation for the culinary delights that await.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen and number of guests, you can use traditional outdoor dining furniture in your kitchen or set up an area with barstool seating such as an island.

Define your Outdoor Kitchen style

With over a 30 years of expertise in hand building fine oak furniture and cabinetry, combined with the best of traditional wood craft, mortise and tenon jointing and the mastery of quarter sawn oak, you can be confident that your kitchen is built to the highest standards.

When it comes to choosing your preferred cabinetry style there are two distinct styles: linear and vertical.

Linear style features stunning lines, perfect for contemporary terraces or outdoor kitchens with warming or storage drawer units.

Vertical style embodies the best of traditional craftsmanship with studied tactile lines, high performance materials and modular, easily installed units, perfect for country terraces and poolsides.

Linear Outdoor Kitchen Gaze Burvill

Pick your Outdoor Kitchen appliances

The simple modular concept at the heart of our outdoor kitchen design is that of ‘pick and choose’ – like selecting from the A la Carte menu in a restaurant. It is installed by our experienced installation team which allows the kitchen to be reconfigured and added to later on.

Most of our standard units house outdoor kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero and Wolf, including a 30” BBQ grill with rotisserie and cooking lights or Teppanyaki Grill. We can also install pizza ovens by DeliVita or Valoriani and a ceramic Big Green Egg with an option to have an outdoor-rated drinks fridge. Other options include grills, both mains or bottled gas, hob burners, warming drawers, fridges, sinks, waste disposal/bins and log Storage.

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Choose Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen Worktop

Over the years we have found that the combination of oak and Dekton works particularly well – not just because they look so good together, but because it delivers the pleasure of superb craftsman-made cabinetry paired with the high tech reliability and performance of the very best materials for the job.

With Dekton there is a range of designs to choose from, these include those that replicate materials such as marble that we wouldn’t be inclined to use outside, offering a great deal of creative freedom when creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Gaze Burvill Craftsman
Deskton Outdoor Kitchen Gaze Burvill

Experience the Best of british Craftsmanship

Embracing a technologically advanced approach, a Gaze Burvill outdoor kitchen is carefully thought out from the very start of the design process. Precision CNC engineering, concealed stainless steel hinges and interior lighting are standard on every kitchen.

Attention to detail and years of making furniture and watching materials perform outdoors has given us the knowhow to create luxury outdoor kitchens that last. The key is to source beautiful, varied materials that are durable and appropriate for use outdoors – correctly seasoned oak, Dekton and stainless steel, combined with outdoor-specified appliances.

Oak is naturally weatherproof and durable, and will silver over time to become more striking still. Our cabinetry is craftsman-made, and we use oak that has been quarter-sawn, to give it the exquisite medullary ray patterns in the grain and gentle tactility. This method also ensures the wood won’t warp or distort out of shape, and our units are designed to accommodate all weathers and avoid any moisture traps.

What Utilities are Needed for An Outdoor Kitchen?

Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with a range of additions which can take your alfresco cooking to the next level.

Hot and cold water access with a sink is a huge quality of life addition to your kitchen. Rather than needing to go indoors for water access, having a sink unit means that you can spend more time outdoors and allows you to wash vegetables before cooking, wash your hands after handling raw meat and to wash up any pots, pans or plates after the meal.

Gas grills are becoming a more popular choice for outdoor cooking. Gas grilling is often more convenient, faster to heat up and easier to clean than coal alternatives. Gas access should be thought about at the earliest opportunity during the planning and design of an outdoor kitchen to ensure the most efficient layout.

Electric access points open a raft of opportunities for your outdoor kitchen. Additional appliances such as outdoor fridges can be connected and fitted within the cabinets, giving you space to safely store food and keep a steady supply of cool drinks on hot summer days. Power sockets, speakers and USB phone charging stations can all be incorporated into the design of your kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen with pizza oven and sink
Outdoor Kitchen Sink Gaze Burvill

Professional Outdoor Kitchen installation service

We believe the professional installation of your outdoor kitchen is just as important as the design and manufacture. From the moment the finishing touches have been made to your outdoor kitchen in our workshop, our professional and highly experienced team of installers will be in touched to arrange a suitable time to visit your garden to complete the installation in your outdoor space.

Our team work with the contractors from the design stage right through to installation to ensure that all elements come together for the perfect finish.

All the utilities come through the base of the kitchen, so there are no unsightly pipes or wires. It’s important to note that any gas or electric work will require a qualified technician. We can provide utilities drawings and templates for contractors to install the utilities.


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