Stop Digging is our preferred partner to support us at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, providing a sustainable and biodiverse foundation system on which the Gaze Burvill stand is being constructed.

The inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show is set in the beautiful grounds of Chatsworth house which is host to an array of areas of archaeological significance. Teams of Archaeologists have been consulted throughout the planning and building stages of the Flower Show, and their recommendations are taken seriously.

Gaze Burvill needed to install a load bearing, level surface which would cause minimal disruption to the site.

“The organisers of the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show were consulted regarding appropriate foundation systems that could be used for the Gaze Burvill show pavilion. When it was suggested that a green solution could be provided, that was eco-friendly, non-disruptive, would require no excavations, would require no concrete or transportation of excavated material, the Stop Digging solution received a full seal of approval as it supported the ethical focus of the business and this solution fitted right in with our own sustainability policy.”


StopDigging is Europe’s market-leading supplier and installer of screw foundations for the garden and landscaping market. Originating in Sweden, the business now has a UK wide network of installers that are able to provide a real alternative to the conventional construction of excavated ‘dig & concrete’ foundations for outdoor buildings, home offices, outdoor living areas and decking.

The Stop Digging screw foundation system comprises a series of galvanized tapered steel screws, which when driven into the ground form a solid platform onto which a structural timber framework can be located. This in turn can then support a variety of structures or buildings. Built to withstand the Nordic climate, Stop Digging screw foundations are rugged, strong and come in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit various requirements including: the needs of the installation; the load requirements for the project; or the ground conditions where the screws are to be installed.


“The versatile StopDigging screw foundation system offers customers the flexibility to create strong and effective foundations to suit their structural needs for a whole host of applications. Regardless of ground conditions, our solution can be installed quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of conventional foundation systems. The product is also totally sustainable, requires no excavation and can be easily removed, making it ideal for use with temporary buildings.”