Nargisi Kofta is the classical Indian / Persian scotch egg, and dates back centuries.  This kofta is a variation of the usually lamb kofta and is made from a combination of game meats which is actually more traditional.  You may combine any meats you like to make your own kebab depending on what meat you have at your disposal.


INGREDIENTS for six portions

Pheasant 250Gms Boned leg and breast
Partridge 250Gms Boned Leg and Breast
Grouse or Mallard 250Gms Boned leg and Breast
Ginger 3 inch piece
Garlic 8 cloves.
Green Chillies 2-3 slender finger sized
Fresh Coriander 8-10 stalks with leaves and stem.
Mint 20-25 leaves
Salt One and half teaspoons
Garam Masala Powder 1 teaspoon

If you have a food processor, mince all the above together. Preferably twice to get a fine mince, check seasoning and set aside. If you do not have a food processor get your boned minced by your butcher then chop all the fresh ingredients very finely and then knead this into the mince.  EGGS 6 to be semi-soft boiled. (Six to seven minutes into boiling water and then to be chilled in iced water, peel when well chilled gently).

Divide the mince into six equal portions and work each ball with your hands until soft & supple.

Flatten the mince in your palm and place an egg in the middle.

Enclose the mince around the egg and with the use of both hands to form a “Kofta” in the shape of a ball or an egg. Make sure no open edges are exposed.

Repeat the process for all the eggs and make six kofta’s in all.

These have to be cooked in the saucy below or use another sauce you may like for the Indian repertoire. Curries work very well too.

You may if you like either fry these or also bake them in a hot oven around 200ºC and then place them in the sauce later. Frying in shallow fat to sea the mince in and then simmering to finish in the sauce is best. Or you can add them in raw and cook the in the sauce itself. All three techniques are OK and suited to your choice.

Frying seals the mince it quite rapidly. However if putting in an oven, be sure that it is very hot otherwise you will loose too much fluid. The best thing is to apply some oil with your palm on the Koftas then place them on a oiled or non stick mat in a tray and place in an oven well over 220ºC.


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