Gaze Burvill Aftercare Service

Our furniture

Our furniture is crafted from oak trees which have stood for well over 100 years, and we strive towards having all our pieces to retain their beauty for a further hundred.

As a natural material, spending time exposed to the elements, the wood will change in appearance. Weathering of the oak creates a beautiful silver-grey patina, which is unusual and in many parts of the World, a sought after look. 

As the oak ages, it gradually loses its surface oils. These oils give the oak its impermeability, allowing it to dry off faster and making it easier to keep clean. Left unmaintained, water and fungi penetrate the natural fissures of the wood which can cause blackening of the surface and in worst cases, lead to localised rot. Fortunately it is very simple to protect against this through a low maintenance furniture care regime. 

A very brief note to thank you for the remarkable renovation job you have done for us. Yes it comes at a pretty amazing cost - but boy is it worth it. I have shown my parents the photos of their cloister bench and they are thrilled. I am confident that this will now see Camilla and I out as well!

An amazing piece of work and we’re very excited about using them again in the summer.

Thank you to you and your team.
— Charles Garthwaite

general care and maintenance

All furniture benefits from being kept clean and being allowed to dry out from time to time. We recommend a wash with a stiff scrubbing brush once a year, using sugar soap and clean water. Please do not use a wire brush, as as the steel will react with the oak and stain it. 

Pieces positioned under trees or close to shrubbery should be monitored for decaying foliage falling onto them. Do not allow furniture to rest in standing water or on damp soil for prolonged periods.

Our Aftercare service

There are three services which can be applied to a piece of furniture, depending on age and current condition. Great aftercare ensures your investment not only looks its best, but also extends the useful life of your favourite piece.  Our staff have decades of experience and are happy to advise what service is best suited for each item.

1. cleaning

Suitable for furniture which is 1-3 years old, or older furniture which has already been treated with our oils. We steam clean your furniture at 135°C with specialist equipment, then dry it and bring it to a smooth finish. We offer a mobile cleaning service or we can do this at our Hampshire workshop.

Typically, the timescale from collection, through cleaning, to repositioning, takes two weeks. 

2.Recoating service

Suitable for furniture 3-5 years old, or items with an extended period of exposure to the elements, there is a need to replenish the natural water repellency of the oak. The team will clean the furniture and prepare the surface before applying penetrating Oil. The treatment contains a  pigment to retain the silvered look of the furniture. Once the Oil has been applied, the furniture will need to remain dry until the treatment has cured.

My Gaze Burvill bench has a particular place in my heart because my late husband, Desmond Wilcox, instructed me to put a bench at the top of the hill so he can keep his eye on me. And I am thrilled that I have carried out his instruction with a particularly beautiful bench that feels and looks like a hug and has been brilliantly maintained by Gaze Burvill.
— Dame Esther Rantzen

3.reconditioning service

The Reconditioning Service is a very thorough approach to cleaning that takes place at our workshop. Once collected, our craftsmen steam clean the furniture to lift dirt off the surface. The furniture is inspected and a report is generated to plan the work. All joints and components are checked and if repairs are recommended, you will be notified. You are not obligated to take on any additional work. The report acts as a reference we can refer to in the future.

The work is carried out by our craftsmen in the workshop and will result in smooth finish that is treated with a penetrating oil to protect it from the elements. A final report is provided with recommendations for future care.

Depending on the age, condition and necessary work required to the furniture, the cost is calculated based on the time spent on reconditioning.

The price includes collection and return using our scheduled collection and delivery service.

If you wish to have a specific date for delivery, a small charge between £40-70 is made.

For larger collections a day rate is offered that includes furniture collection and delivery and all works.

For further information, please call: 01420 58 84 44 or email:

I am writing with our warmest thanks to you and your team for the bench reconditioning work at Wisley. The team got more done than I expected/could have hoped and the results look very pleasing.
— Matthew Pottage, Curator, RHS Garden Wisley