Harrier Garden Developments are supplying under grate heating including grates, on the Gaze Burvill tradestand at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show, showing that demand for creature comforts outside is as strong as ever.

Entertaining, dining or simply relaxing outdoors has never been more popular, but no-ones wants to sit in a cold environment for long periods of time. Under floor convector heating, covered by a beautiful cast grating, allows for a gentle circulation of warm air to heat the ambient environment no matter the weather.

Artist's impression

“My vision for the company has always been to allow cutting edge design to fit hand-in-glove with traditional craftsmanship and carpentry. We worked with Harrier at Chelsea several years ago and can say, hand on heart, most of the comments we had that year referenced the heating solution! I’m delighted to John Lawson has taken up our offer again on our stylish tradestand.”


The heating has a choice of wonderful decorative covers with a range of beautiful cast iron and stainless steel grate which can be manufactured to fit your space. Harrier have also done a number of of special grates.

As all terraces are different, stone, cobbles, tiles and all tables are of different size and shape, Harrier is happy to work to ensure a satisfactory layout for heat output whilst marinating the aesthetics of the area.

“The real benefit of below-ground heating is it gives a gentle warmth that percolates up from your feet, around your legs and torso, giving a sense of warmth and cosiness. This is in contrast to ‘heating your head like a ‘microwave’ (radiant heat), which some people find uncomfortable. The under grate heaters are both convection (hot air rising) and a little radiant heat as well.”