Why do we use Oak?

To make our garden furniture we us Oak, Quercus Robur and Quercus Petrea and we source it from sustainably managed forests in Europe (either PEFC or FSC certified). Oak is widely recognised as being one of the most durable temperate hardwoods due to its high tannin content (used to preserve leather, and preserve and impart flavour to our greatest wines and whiskies), it was described by Gertrude Jekyll as 'the best material for a garden seat'. Oak's impermeability and strength made it the choice material for boat building through the ages and not least by King Henry VIII, when the Royal Navy was formed in the 16th Century, and witnessed by the building of his prized warship the Mary Rose, resurrected from the bottom of the sea in 1982.

Oak has wonderful steam bending properties, which allow our craftsmen to create extraordinary curves out of solid timber in a way that the tropical woods simply cannot replicate. The beauty of the patterned grain is exquisite and over time, will acquire a beautiful warm silver colour.