Outdoor kitchen buying guide

Complete your outdoor living, create the perfect chef space and embrace the al fresco, outdoor cooking is as much about setting the mood and creating memories as it is about functionality.

Our outdoor kitchen series helps you get the best out of every square inch of space. Plus, when you buy your outdoor kitchen from us, we can advise on all the considerations to complement your lifestyle such as heating, lighting and shade.

why choose gaze burvill?

Combining the best of traditional wood craft, steam bending, mortice and tenon jointing, fumed finishing and the mastery of quarter sawn Oak, your kitchen is built to the highest standards.

Embracing a technologically advanced approach, a Gaze Burvill outdoor kitchen is considered from the very start of the design process.

Precision CNC engineering, concealed stainless steel hinges and stainless steel adjustable feet are part of every kitchen as standard.

what do you want your kitchen to offer?

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We offer a service which results in you owning your perfect outdoor kitchen whatever your lifestyle. We like to find out as much as we can about your requirements in order to best shape your kitchen design to match them.

With our many years of experience, notably in building for the outdoors, we can help you avoid potential problems by solving them before they appear.




Gaze Burvill Broadwalk Outdoor Kitchen

Our original outdoor kitchen marked a new era in outdoor kitchen design.
The winning combination of studied tactile lines, traditional craftsmanship, high performance materials and modular, easily installed units gave us a fresh vision of how a fully accessorised kitchen could look and feel at home in an outdoor space. Matching our iconic Broadwalk collection, our classic kitchens are perfect for country terraces and poolsides.


Gaze Burvill Linear Outdoor Kitchen

Our expertise in design shows in every detail of our Linear series. The stunning lines work well both in contemporary settings and also stand out as the centrepiece of any garden or patio.
Well-suited to kitchens with drawers and the focal point for an entertaining space.


Gaze Burvill Curved Outdoor Kitchen

Sumptuous combinations of alternating convex and concave curves make these kitchens true statement pieces.

Extensive selection of appliances

We ensure the aesthetics and functionality come together to allow you to prepare and cook food to professional standards.

Our selected partners cover a wide variety of outdoor cooking and cooling needs. Options include:

  • Grills; both Mains or Bottled Gas

  • Hob Burners

  • Warming Drawers

  • Sinks

  • Fridges

  • Gas or Wood Fired (Pizza) Ovens

  • Teppanyaki Grills

  • Big Green Eggs

  • Waste Disposal/Bins

  • Log Stores

Gaze Burvill Outdoor Kitchens

Built to last

Our prime Oak cabinetry design includes careful grain orientation and expansion gaps to ensure, during the natural shrinking and swelling of the timber in various seasons, the cabinets will keep their shape, not jam or come apart.

Steel bases are provided on our grill units, to not only holding the gas bottle safely and securely, but also act as vermin protection.

All our Oak cabinetry is designed to let water drain through at strategic locations so it will never pool, freeze or go stagnant.

All our fixings are made from stainless steel and we use heavy duty, adjustable and full 180 ̊ opening hinges on our cupboard doors.

All cabinets come with internal LED lighting as standard, with a contact switch system. These lights turn on and off automatically when the doors are opened and closed.

Our drawers are full depth and are all fitted with soft close mechanisms.