Gaze Burvill and David Harber partner for Curves and Cube at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Outdoor furniture and sculpture weave in harmony at the inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Gaze Burvill were thrilled to be accepted as one of the FreeForm participants at the 2017 RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. In a partnership with sculptor David Harber, Curves and Cube is a contemporary twist on man’s relationship with nature.

Drawing on both the formality of Chatsworth house and also the vast expanse of natural beauty it resides in, the installation of Curves and Cube has powerful echoes of nature dominating whatever structure man places in the landscape.

Curves and Cube artist’s impression

“In 1992 Christian Gaze and I set out to create the finest outdoor furniture through an honest commitment to design integrity, comfort and craftsmanship, while holding true to our values for respecting and not harming the environment.” Managing Director, Simon Burvill, commented. “This wonderful event promises to touch upon many of these values we hold as core tenets. It’s our first foray into the world of sculpture, but we’ve partnered with one of the best to guide us.”

The statement Cube, with striking textures of patternated steel, geometric precision and a height that draws the eye ever upwards is balanced against the ever-present force of nature, with curving oak pieces punching their path through any objects they meet.

The curved seating echoes the snaking river of the site, while the Cube counters nature’s ephemerality with a grounding presence.

Curves and Cube moodboard

A focus on the impact of time on nature is highlighted by the changing bench textures. Beginning with freshly cut oak, progressing to the silver patina created by weathering and finally, a blackened section brought on by scorching.

The whole design is a commentary of the artist's recognition of nature’s irresistible force meeting man’s immovable object.

Gaze Burvill are delighted to be working with the RHS once again, building on their relationship which stretches back 23 years from our first appearance at the Hampton Court Flower Show, then later in 1994 at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

A Jubilee spiral from Gaze Burvill

Company Information
Gaze Burvill are the designers and manufacturers of Britain's finest outdoor furniture & kitchens. The core values inherent in all pieces and collections are the attention to comfort, sustainability and design. Best known for their iconic range of traditional British outdoor furniture, pieces such as the May Throne and the Broadwalk table reside in many private residences around the world.

Tom Evans, Marketing, Gaze Burvill,, 01420 588801

Abby Blackwell, Marketing Assistant, David Harber,, +44 (0) 1235 859300

The RHS Chatsworth Flower Show takes place 6-11 June, 2017 at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire