All our furniture is designed around comfort. It's a core value to our business and one we take seriously. If a piece looks good, but it doesn't meet our exacting comfort check criteria, it doesn't go into production.

We are proud to say that our furniture has been recommended by the physiotherapist community as being the only door furniture to allow continual use without harm to the neutral body position.

Our wide range of accessories include under table heating, parasols and even cushions. Whether you are sitting, dining or lounging you'll always be comfortable on a piece of Gaze Burvill.


Good design and true originality are at the heart of what we do. We work very hard to make sure that our furniture not only performs well, with a particular attention to comfort, but also looks and feels good. In 1992 Christian Gaze conceived this approach with the original Court Seat design and as we draw on other creative influences to broaden our work we never waiver from these principles.


Alongside our investment in the latest computer controlled cutting machines, are our talented craftsmen. We employ an incredible talent base ranging from Apprentices through to Master Craftsmen and actively support their development in traditional and modern carpentry and furniture manufacturer.

Each of our pieces is stamped with a unique serial code linking back to the very person who assembled and finished it. It's their mark of pride and a Gaze Burvill stamp of the highest quality.


With over 23 years experience Gaze Burvill's workshop thrives on the talented work of our craftsmen. Over the years many have trained with us and without them we would not be able to create such unique, innovative designs. We now use the latest technology to assist us in making our furniture, before every piece is hand built and hand finished to the highest standards.

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In order to be able to produce such a high quality product it is imperative to understand the raw materials used. We have worked hard to empower ourselves with the knowledge needed to produce luxury oak furniture. The oak we select is native to Northern Europe and when nurtured and grown sustainably, is the right choice for outdoor furniture. Our oak has been growing for more than 120 years, and once cut is gently dried to ensure it maintains its durability and flexibility.

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Consideration for the environment was one of Gaze Burvill's founding values. We are unwilling to use resources which are not regenerated at a sufficient rate to halt the erosion of the world's rainforests. However, we remain determined not to compromise on the quality and durability of our output.

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Our Managing Director, Simon, is one of the founder members of 'Woodland Heritage', an organisation created with the goal of improving the management of British woodlands.

A key aim of Woodland Heritage is to provide a secure and sustainable future for British woodlands. Simon became a trustee of this charity in 2010.


At Gaze Burvill not only do we use sustainable materials to make our pieces, but also their design and manufacturer takes place in an eco-friendly environment. At our main site in Hampshire, we use a biomass boiler to heat our facility. Wood dust is extracted from the workshop, compressed into pellets then burnt as fuel. Additionally our solar panels on the roof generate enough energy in-house to power the site, reducing our dependance on the world's resources.